Brad Dicianno, MD

Dr. Dicianno is a task leader on R3 Telerehabilitation Enhanced Wellness Program in Spina Bifida. He is an Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at UPMC.  He is the  Associate Medical Director of the Human Engineering Research Laboratories. His research focus is understanding preventative care measures and their impact on health and wellness in disability populations such as spina bifida. He is the director of the Adult Spina Bifida Clinic at UPMC.  He also has research interests in assistive technology and telerehabilitation and serves as the medical director of the UPMC Center for Assistive Technology where he oversees a multidisciplinary team of clinicians who prescribe a variety of assistive technology such as wheelchairs and where telerehab is used for remote service delivery. He received an MS in bioengineering in 2008 and continues to be involved in the design and development of advanced control interfaces such as power wheelchair joysticks for individuals with complex movement disorders.  Dr. Dicianno completed a K12 NIH fellowship under the mentorship of Rory Cooper, PhD. He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine after obtaining a BS in Evolutionary Biology and a BA in the History and Philosophy of Science as an undergraduate there.  He completed residency in the Dept. of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at UPMC where he served as chief resident.




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