TIP 6 Projects

TIP-6: Telerehabilitation for supporting a networked wheelchair


Jong-Bae Kim, PhD, Korean National Rehabilitation Center, South Korea


An advanced networked wheelchair is currently being developed by the Korean National Rehabilitation Center and Seoul National University. The networked power wheelchair will be equipped with sensor technologies including weight scales (for prevention of weigh-related diseases), temperature (many individuals with mobility impairment are unable to sense hot and cold, which can lead to serious burns or frostbite), and vital signs. The wheelchair will also be connected to the Internet using wireless networking. We plan to use the TR Portal as a database server to store data collected from the sensor technologies in the wheelchair. We plan to use the portal consumer hub to connect the users through SNSs. An interesting feature of this project is the use of the Internet across the globe (from Korea to the US) to conduct TR in the natural environment; the wheelchair will roam around Seoul, Korea sending data over the Internet to the TR portal in Pittsburgh. Dr. Kim will provide technical and clinical resources to implement this collaboration.


Project Update


This work is being conducted in South Korea. The intent is to build a wheelchair based network computer which would then be networked using the RERC TR infrastructure. Currently, Dr. Kim and his colleagues are building a prototype. RERC TR collaboration with the network infrastructure is pending successful completion of the prototype.



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