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From 2004- 2009, the RERC on Telerehabilitation devoted a considerable amount of time, effort and resources to develop a capability to use the public Internet for delivery of rehabilitation services. This was a departure from most contemporary TR activity at that time as most TR systems were built around dedicated video conferencing systems with proprietary software and communication protocols. Our efforts centered on developing and evaluating a portal system through which provider, client, supplier, funder, counselor and others could collaborate on the delivery of rehabilitation services. We questioned whether the bandwidth would be sufficient, security adequate, privacy could be maintained, necessary features could be implemented economically, and users’ needs could be satisfied. We developed a web-based TR portal and VISYTER, an integrated videoconferencing system, based on cost-effective, open-source software and successfully demonstrated that a variety of services, including vocational, speech and language, seating and wheeled mobility, and home modifications could be carried out in a practical and effective manner using this approach (Kim'08; Parmanto'08; Schmeler'08; McCue'09).


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